American Estate & Trust
AET focuses on providing custody to the self-directed IRA and self-directed 401k market AET has built is business around technology solutions in order to drive lower operating costs, complete online account management, and best in class processing times. This has made AET a market leader in account management, custody and customer service. As a licensed and regulated Trust company, AET is subject to annual financial and state audits. This makes AET one of the few custodians that can provide audited financials and show compliance with State and Federal laws. AET continues to invest in its people and technology. This is demonstrated by our AET-Core platform with its APIs, our accuBITZ crypto platform, and our IRACentral account management platform. Additionally, AET maintains a dedicated staff of accounting, operations, customer support, software developers and technology personnel. As part of our licensing and regulations, we maintain bonding, cash reserves, insurance, and auditing to ensure that customer assets are protected.
Member count: 11-50