IoT driven toast automaton Toast Automaton serves fresh toasted sandwiches 24/7. The maintainer can track sales, view live situation of the machine and adjust prices remotely. Our main idea is dispensing fresh and hot toasted sandwiches to the consumers. Despite the other hot food vending machine providers use heating with baking method, we use cooking with toasting method. Thus we actually prepare hot and fresh food. We've been bringing innovation in vending machine concept with SCADA model. With this model we are able to build machines that can: - Report current status - Alert mechanical faults - Send sales statistics - Interact with customers - Be controlled remotely. Thus maintenance of the machines will be easier for the maintainers. The machines are administered through a web interface, and this allows maintainers to change price of their products for each machine at any time to reduce wastes and to achieve optimal sales for their business. Additionally the machines will provide statistics for sales.
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