Aces Health
Engagement app for patients in clinical trials and innovative population health studies Aces Health is a tech startup that develops software for the industry's leading healthcare companies and researchers to engage patients outside the doctor's office. 99% of what affects health outcomes occurs outside the walls of the clinic, but this data has been overlooked for too long in the industry. We build smarter tools to fight medical nonadherence and keep patients on track and motivated. Our flagship app platform also saves critical time and money in the clinical research phase of drug development to reduce overall costs of new drug delivery, making life-saving/life-changing medicines more accessible to all. Aces extends this toolset across innovative clinical trials and population health, bridging the gap between healthcare research and precision medicine for all patients outside the clinical setting. Contact us today to test drive our platform and see how we can show real results for your enterprise or nonprofit's next healthcare initiative.
Location: United States, Atlanta
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $80K

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