Online space for knowledge of the self and eternal laws of the Universe Abboom is the worldwide social networking website with the iOS app for self-knowledge, meeting new people and checking your compatibility. Abboom's algorithm is based on the astropsychological principles of the centuries-old Vedic science. The user simply needs to fill in the birth data and all doubts about the prospects of a love story or a new business partner will vanish. For the first time ever, this treasure of knowledge is free and easy-to-use for everyone. Know yourself Detailed knowledge of yourself. Horoscope and astrological data interpretation. Auspicious time Indicator. Ways of life harmonisation. Dating and family Searching spiritually close and compatible people around the world. ?ompatibility ?alculation of chakras and Moon biorhythms. Forecast of relationship potential. Work Professional area determination for achieving maximum success. Determination of basic material level. Health Recommendations for a healthy regime of the day. Predisposition to certain diseases.
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