Lifesaving 911 Calling Enhancement 911 ENHANCED is an app that will provide 911 Call Takers & First Responders with your exact location when you call for help from a smartphone. 911 ENHANCED solves a big problem that the FCC & mobile operators have been struggling with for years. Roughly 50% of mobile 911 callers can't provide 911 Call Takers with their location. The FCC believes an app with 911 ENHANCED features will save over 10,000 lives per year & improve the outcome for many more. Check out this recent video from John Oliver on HBO youtu.be/A-XlyB_QQYs?t=128 911 ENHANCED is compatible with nearly every emergency call center worldwide without installing any new hardware or software in the call centers. Our optional 911 ENHANCED key fob/pendant can be used to initiate a 911 call when it would be dangerous or impossible to dial 911 on your phone. In a confrontation, auto accident & many more difficult situations, you are just one button press away from summoning the help you need, when & where you need it!