better fintech tool (Wealthfront) A short version: A web-based financial tool to find your optimal portfolio, taking into account your real estate equity and your labor income. A long version: A data scientist at Caltech, a professor of mathematical finance at Caltech and a Harvard MBA provide a tool to analyze historical financial data, including historical housing prices. Most investors do not take into account their house or labor income correlation to investment assets when designing a portfolio. The key is that our website is not associated with any specific ETF provider: we present the data in an objective, unbiased manner and the investor then makes his own choices. For the initial version we will focus on indices (and the ETF that track those indices). But it could be expanded to other asset classes (eg individual stocks). Possible business models: 1-basic free service and premium service for a fee, 2-links to brokerage firms for execution of trades 3-sale to financial advisers as a tool