DIY Wearable Fashion 3lectromode develop DIY fashion tech. Combining the concept of modular electronics (Arduino; Adafruit; LittleBits) and fashion patterns (Vogue; McCaul) we develop platforms for creating your own wearable. The kits are made of a on-demand & cutomizable textile print outs that features the schematics of the electronics placement (like painting by numbers) and the pattern of the garment. One product contains all the information and materials to create a fashion-tech garment. Cut, sew, integrate the electronics and - voila! - you have a stylish wearable! The product is aimed at the Maker community who is interested in prototyping & learning how to make wearable electronics that are also fashionable. The target customer ranges from teens to young adults interested in experimenting with fashion-tech.
Member count: 1-10