Making Meetings & Dates & Events Worthwhile Lets not waste time, not doing what we want or need. Lets upgrade being us together! 2Tango is creating software to streamline different types of meetings, so all parties get what they want out of time shared. It runs by restricted online services in simplified user interfaces geared and structured with a specific intent for upgrading productivity, aligning outcomes or processes, combining research on how decisionmaking can be done more efficiently. It has apps (in beta) for dating, family meetings, events, and cooperation on the job, or in the professional market. Every beta test is accompanied by real life testing with participants, to simulate and verify behaviour, working to integrate it into the app code. We are continuously prototyping, testing and upgrading the 17 appconcepts we are drafting, in search for, and in march to building the killer app for streamlining connections and upgrading time shared for our users.
Member count: 1-10