Discover 1 new track per day, personally selected according to your tastes Description Personal selection of 1 new track per day Problem Busy people love new music but have no time to discover it according to personal tastes and mood. Independent musicians suffer from lack of demand. Solution 1. Our own algorithm, that finds new music according to personal tastes and mood. 60% of subscribers click ?I like it? about the track received. 2. Delivery by E-mail/Mobile app, daily/weekly subscription. Strong sides 1. No licenses. We use legal 30 seconds clips. 2. It?s not a copycat. It?s #1 service that has found niche in global market. 3. Our own algorithm and database of music characteristics. Business model 1. Sell tracks like Shazam. 10M subscribers will bring us about $1M of income annually. 2. Promotion of independent musicians. Pay per fan - similar to business model of Jango.com. 10M subscribers = $10M of income annually. Market size Digital music sales: $5.6B (iTunes, Amazon, ...) The market share of the discovered niche: ~+10%
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $70K