Endless Coffee Collective Endless Coffee. Whether you prefer a dark roast with no room for cream or some obscure espresso concoction that only Italians can pronounce, you can order as many coffees and teas as you like. 12oz has you covered ? from single-origin Sumatra to piping hot Cortado, from sunrise to sunset. Available only in Nashville. We?re proud to be launching 12oz in Nashville. Music City has the perfect mix of Southern hospitality, tight-knit community, and coffee culture. Each part of town has a distinct flavor. West End, East Nashville, 12th South, Germantown, Brentwood, and Franklin?no matter where you live, work, or play, 12oz will have your favorite brews waiting. 12oz is easy to use. We?ve made it super simple to order your favorite cuppa. Once you?ve downloaded the app and signed up, just open the app, select the coffee shop, and order your drink. 12oz takes care of the details, such as communicating with the coffee shops and getting them paid.