Scaleup Mediafund

Scaleup Mediafund
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We provide capital for advertising. We use advertising pooled from Australia’s leading providers to develop tailored advertising solutions for growth stage businesses. To overcome the problem that many growth businesses face by not having enough capital to invest in advertising and marketing, Scaleup Mediafund exchanges advertising and services for a minority shareholding. As brands are launched and scale, campaigns generate a return for all investors. Scaleup Mediafund is a new level of maturity in media for equity model. This development will see Australia’s largest media creators accelerating the build of the digital ecosystem, an ecosystem that creates wealth and brings ongoing benefits to every Australian consumer. Our Focus We are focused on businesses that have gained traction with a customer base and are solving a real problem. These businesses will be seeking series A and beyond investment rounds and will have strong potential to scale and gain their market through a strategic partnership with Australia’s largest media owners.
Member count:1-10
Founded date: 2016
Investment Type: Venture Capital